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February 2011 News

Posted on February 1, 2011 at 12:00 AM

>> Feb. 28 - Did you miss the premiere of "Warning"? Listen here!

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>> Feb. 28 - "Warning" premiering tonight!

Tune in tonight to BBC Radio 1 with host Daniel P Carter to hear the new Skindred track featuring Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach! That's 12am England time, 7pm EST/4pm PST.

Listen live here.

>> Feb. 26 - Hear full versions of all three new songs played!

"Warning" (uploaded by EzTrgtofSco)

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Unknown song 1 (uploaded by j00ceuk)

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Unknown song 2 (uploaded by EzTrgtofSco)

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>> Feb. 24 - Skindred to headline Rosrock July 2nd:

From skindred.net

"Skindred have been confirmed and announced to headline Dutch Festival Rosrock this summer on Saturday July 2nd. The long running Festival takes place in Rossum , near Den Bosch. 

Festival owner Adrian said ” We are majorly pleased to have Skindred headline Rosrock. We have wanted them for a while and they summarize everything our festival is about great live music that makes you want to have a good time.”

For more information and tickets go to

www.rosrock.nl/site/index.php?lang=en "

>> Feb. 24 - 'Union Black' discount and chance to win signed copy!

From skindred.net:

"Skindred release their much anticipated album "UNION BLACK" on APRIL 25TH on BMG Rights/7PM (Republic of music distribution). Enter this code 'SKINDRED1GBP' IN THE DISCOUNT CODE BOX WHEN PRE-ORDERING AT PLAY.COM & GET £1 OFF THE CD & A CHANCE TO GRAB A SIGNED COPY. WHILST STOCKS LAST / VALID UNTIL 24.04.11"

Click here to pre-order!

>> Feb. 24 - Clearer version of new unknown Skindred song:

Thanks to j00ceuk for the upload!

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>> Feb. 24 - Manchester and Birmingham reviews!

Manchester Music reviewed the Manchester show last Thursday on the 17th and had this to say about Skindred;

"Skindred - and their frontman Benji Webbe - remain one of the most vital live acts in metal today; frankly if this metal/ragga outfit didn’t exist, you’d have to make them up. Effortlessly blending Benji’s immense stage presence, crowd-friendly ragga riddims and metal crunch, Skindred were the perfect warm-up for Zombie. If the analogy isn’t too naughty: if they were a hooker in one of Zombie’s horror flicks, they’d know how to fluff the client just to the point of...well you see where I’m going. Finishing with ‘Nobody’ – ‘Nobody gets out of dis ya pit alive’ – Skindred would, if they had been supporting an ordinary band, have left the headliners quaking. But this was always going to be Zombie’s night."

eGigs reviewed the Birmingham show this past Tuesday on the 22nd and had this to say about Skindred:

"...Hell, even main warm-up act Skindred struggled initially to get this party fired up. By this point, the venue was back to it's sold out, oversubscribed capacity with energy and temperature beginning to rocket. Skindred had certainly turned things their way by the time they'd busted out the undeniably groove inducing 'Pressure'. Coupled with lead singer Benji Webbe's brilliantly dynamic vocal range and his unrelenting energy, the mood lifted tenfold. There's nothing like a bit of heavy metal robot dancing to loosen up some space, with most in attendance more than happy to oblige Benji by imitating his latest dance moves upon request. Revoker joined their Welsh peers back on stage during the performance of 'Nobody', jumping around stage and chiming in during the chorus. It's always nice to see the camaraderie of bands touring together along with respect for each other's music..."

Click here to read the full Manchester review and here to read the full Birmingham review.

>> Feb. 23 - Awesome review of Newcastle show!

The Shields Gazette had nothing but amazing things to say about Skindred's performance!

"The unenviable task of warming up the crowd went to Skindred, leaders in a genre of their own creation, ragga-metal.

The Welsh quintet were nothing short of a marvel, with singer Benji Webbe in particular in his element.

Decked out in a sharp red tie and dreadlocks halfway down his back, he didn’t look like the singer in a metal band, but the way he screamed through songs such as Pressure was electrifying.

His interaction with the crowd was hilarious, refusing to sing until everyone shouted ‘Please Uncle Benji’, and telling us all to robot dance instead of moshing.

They were the best support act I’ve seen in a while."

Click here to read the full review.

>> Feb. 22 - "Warning" live FULL SONG!

Thanks to Youtube user EzTrgtofSco!!

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>> Feb. 22 - Pre-order 'Union Black'!

'Union Black' is available for pre-order from AmazonUK for £11.99 with FREE shipping in the UK. They can ship anywhere in the world, but I'm not sure what the price would be so that is something you'll have to figure out on your own. I even put in my address to ship to the US and it still showed the price in pounds. I really don't have the time to convert everyone's currency. haha

>> Feb. 22 - Review of the 02 Academy show on the 20th!

The Skinny reviewed it and had amazing things to say about Skindred!

"Skindred are an exceptionally apt choice for supporting Mr Zombie tonight; both acts have inimitable frontmen, both have an impressive live track record, and both bring that same party vibe to any venue. Skindred may not have Rob’s budget, but they do have Benji Webbe, a vocalist with a bewildering style, soulful and frantic often within seconds of each other. He might not be the poster boy for British metal yet, but he should be, a master showman who can prompt a mass robot dance during Destroy the Dancefloor then make support act history by actually inciting a successful pit. And during a new song to boot!"

Click here to read the whole review!

>> Feb. 21 - New unknown Skindred song FULL VERSION!

Thanks to Youtube user lazerxpoweredxsheep!!

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>> Feb. 21 - Skindred featured in Metal Hammer podcast!

Gill and Beez took some time to chat about their opinions of the Rob Zombie, Skindred, and Revoker show! Click here to listen to it and you can find it from 46:40 - 53:40.

>> Feb. 20 - New set of amazing photos at Manchester!

Check out these photos by Mark Latham Photography of Skindred at Manchester Apollo on Friday!

>> Feb. 20 - Preview of a new Skindred song!

I don't know the name of it, but if you do please let me know!

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>> Feb. 18 - Amazing review of the Brixton Academy show!

Sonic Shocks wrote a long and detailed article on the first show of the tour! Here is what they had to say about Skindred:


" Up next are possibly the greatest support band around today: Skindred, and the reason I say this is because they can go out in front of any crowd and on before any band and manage to get the audience eating out their hands within in a matter of minutes. Tonight is no different, they set things off from the get go and get the place jumping, playing favourites in 'Pressure' 'Rat Race' and 'Destroy the Dancefloor' but curiously leave out 'Nobody", whether due to timing problems or another reason is never really clear, but that aside its still a brilliant set from one of the UK's premier bands. "


Click here to read the full article.

>> Feb. 16 - "Warning" preview! (not including Jacoby)

A HUGE thanks goes out to Youtube user Had0kenUK!!

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>> Feb. 16 - Pictures from tonight's show at Brixton Academy!

Wire Image have uploaded a set of amazing pictures of Skindred and Rob Zombie from tonight's show! Go here to check them out! If you have any pictures or videos, please feel free to share them on this site or on the Daily Dred Facebook page!

>> Feb. 16 - Win tickets to see Skindred and Rob Zombie!

Courtesy of Live Nation UK (via their Facebook page) you can enter to win tickets to any of the shows! All you have to do is 'like' their page and fill in the form and then you're entered! Hotel and travel accommodations are not included, so if you don't have a way to get there and back or have a place to stay, please don't enter. Good luck!

>> Feb. 14 - The Daily Dred is now on AIM!

You can chat with me now! My screen name is dailydred

>> Feb. 11 - 'Union Black' promo video (I made)

Here's a little video I made to help get the buzz going about Union Black! Spread it everywhere!! www.youtube.com/watch?v=0870m1CS_PI

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>>Feb. 3 - Skindred is today's featured artist on Morning Wood!

Skindred is today's featured artist on Morning Wood! Check out what they had to say about them here!

>>Feb. 2 - Union Black Tour poster!






Head here to check it out!

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