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Band Biography


Skindred is a Ragga Metal band from Wales, UK. The members are Benji Webbe, Michael Fry (MikeyDemus), Dan Pugsley, and Arya Goggin. Benji's previous band Dub War (formed in 1993 with  Jeff Rose, Richie Glover, and Martin "Ginge" Ford) had to disband due to complications with their record label. Skindred was formed in 1998 by Benji, Jeff, Martin, and Dan Pugsley. In 2002, Jeff and Martin split, and Mikey and Arya joined the band. In 2011, touring member Dan Sturgess became an official member of the band as a DJ providing the electronic portions of the songs to allow Benji to interact with the crowd more.

They are currently signed under Napalm Records.


Benji Webbe; vocals

 Michael Fry; guitar [Gear]


Photos by Toby Binstead.



Dan Pugsley; bass [Gear]

                                 Arya Goggin; drums [Gear]


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<       Dan 'Brixton' Sturgess; DJ